As of this holiday season, I’m temporarily unemployed.  Or, as I’d like to call it, 100% available for new employment opportunities. 

One thing I can say for certain is that I’m also 100% done with Texas.  It’s not necessarily a bad place, it’s just that I’ve learned over the last 5 years or so that Texas is just not my style at all. Sure, Denton is cool and all but it’s like a little hip oasis in a tragically unhip North Texas. 

My time and experience with Seattle is quite limited, but I recall that I enjoyed much of the flavor and ambiance of the city. Portland, on the other hand, is a huge unknown. I’ve never been there but I do have a very good online friend who has been bugging me to give Portland a shot. Can do, brother. Can do.

Currently I’m looking at Implementation Coordinator/Manager type jobs which are similar to what I’ve done here in NTX. Although, I’m quite open to anything new and engaging. I consider myself creative and leaning toward the intellectual side. Implementation jobs don’t typically require these qualities, but I find them useful when unique solutions are required for unique situations.

So, I’m gonna take some quality time to research this out. How much are apartments? Is it better to rent a house or duplex? What’s the cost of living like? You know, the important questions.

Portland and Seattle are a long way from where I am now and far, far removed from any family. It’s a big jump, but I’m a big boy. 

If anyone has any thoughts on the locations like, where to live and, more relevant, where not to live, job availability, pros/cons, etc., just comment below.

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