For those of you who are unfamiliar with Daiso, please allow me to enlighten you. Daiso is a Japanese dollar store. But it’s no ordinary dollar store, no indeedy-sir-Bob no. Here is a place jam-packed with Asian candies, chips, drinks, dishes, office supplies, makeup, household goods, and gosh, so many things. What makes it so special you might ask? For one, most of the products are created for Daiso directly, so many of the goodies you’ll find here are unique to the store itself. And for another, more important reason is the quality of the goods. This ain’t no Dolla’ Tree you Yankee-butts. This here is the real-deal, high quality needful things from across the Pacific, thank you very much.

Daiso Ceramic Mug with Ceramic Spoon in Handle

In Japan, the prices are usually ¥100. Here in Texas, that price is actually $1.50 for most items. Though the prices can go upwards of $14 for some larger, more specialty items, butt those are the exceptions. Ohhhh and the drinks.  My goodness the chilled coffees and teas, with and without milk, with and without sugars. For those of us who lived in Japan (US military, expats, Japanese citizens, etc), we understand that some of these drinks are best, and often sold, warm. So purchase up a can of Caffe Latte with the weird looking male bust on the front, take it home, and put it on the warmer plate on your oven. Let it sit and get good and hot before you pop the top. It’s a treat I tell ya.

Daiso Writing Journal

So, there are about 4 or 5 of these Japenese gems hiding in and around North Texas now and I couldn’t be happier. As I understand, there are some on the West coast to include around seven in Seattle. Hopefully Portland gets a few as well. Today I hauled in a ceramic coffee mug with its own spoon attached, a new writing book (A4 size), a can of Sangaria Melon soda, aluminum scrub pads, and some baby cotton bud ear cleaners (aka Q-Tips). Seriously, I need these and I cannot find these small ear cleaners anywhere but Daiso. Priorities.

On a final note, the Daiso chain out here accompanies a number of other Asian delights such as 85°c, 99 Ranch, and a few others. I took a stroll around the corner as many new shops were still under construction just so I might get a glimpse of what else was in store. I was rewarded with a ramen shop due to open soon. Thank you Japan. Thank you Asia.

Original Daiso JP –

Daiso Japan/USA –

Video of Daiso in Carrollton, TX. Sorry for the shaky video.