This is the partially completed catalog of my vinyl collection through So far I’ve cataloged about half of my collection, I think. I had no idea that there were so many collectible ones from my time in Japan. FWIW, most of the 1960s through 1980s albums are from Japan and most often purchased at ¥105 (about $1). The newest albums are primarily US versions and bought new.

Studio MarkAllen Discogs – Spotify Playlist

For fun, you can easily migrate your Discogs library to a Spotify playlist using I just finished with my eclectic collection and it was able to find about 290 albums out of my 500 or so logged in my Discogs library. Next, D2S asked me to identify some tougher selections with about 5-10 options for each title it had trouble with. I was able to ID all but one. Lastly, D2S provided me a list of albums it was unable to process for one reason or another. I copied that list to a checklist in Notes on the MacBook. In all, 90 albums remained without a match due to their obscurity, or simply because the artist or album is not on Spotify.