A More Perfect Union

Today, as we’ve done for the last couple hundred years and some, we’re fighting a war of ideologies where the goal is to cultivate the opinions of the people thorough politics and emotive rhetoric.

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Irish Lion - Bloomington, IN

Little Slices of American Pie

Town squares, all across the nation are flourishing in a resurgence of an experience and culture that is uniquely America.

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Daiso – Japan’s Dollar Store in Texas, Y’all

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Daiso, please allow me to enlighten you. Daiso is a Japanese dollar store. But it’s no ordinary dollar store, no indeedy-sir-Bob no. Here is a place jam-packed with Asian candies, chips, drinks, dishes, office supplies, makeup, household goods, and gosh, so many things. What makes it so special you might ask? For one, most of the products are created for Daiso directly, so many of the goodies you’ll find here are unique […]

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