About StudioMarkAllen

Somehow, amidst trillions of website pages, directories, and links, you managed to find yourself on this particular website. It’s amazing once you realize the sheer scope of information that is out there, no? Yes, I’d say.

So, what’s this site all about, you ask? To be blunt, most social media sites have soured to my taste. There’s too many people trying to push and shove their way around inside the book of faces to try and get seen, if only for a moment. Video bloggers seem to have run out of things to video blog about. As for Twitter and Instagram, I still find both useful, at least for now.

StudioMarkAllen is my way of sharing my own, um, stuff, in my own way. I am responsible for the look, feel, content, and how it is presented. And to be narcissistically honest, the site primarily for me. It will evolve over time.  I hope that, much like some stories, it will just write itself in a way.

One of my thoughts is initially to share my writing, and writing of others, in its own section. I’ll figure out the format over time. The same thing goes for the photography/gallery section. It will evolve.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to share, please contact me!